The LEAF Project was developed to really give people with a learning disability a chance to get out into their community and access activities, groups or volunteering. However, the Project understands that not everyone has knowledge of learning disability, how it presents itself in people or how to effectively communicate and/or support people with a learning disability. Therefore, it was decided that the LEAF Project would write a training package for organisations to allow them to learn more about disability and how to be more accessible.

The training consists of a key presentation and then optional modules that organisations can chose based on what they want to learn. All the training is FREE!

The key presentation is the Learning Disability Awareness. This training covers what a learning disability is, the causes, Autism and Asperger’s, the shift in culture (including the social model of disability), some support tips and some communication tips. The training is delivered interactively with time for activity, discussion and videos to give people the best overall view of learning disability.

“It was great to have some clarification on what learning disabilities are. The tips were also very useful. I work in a school and we have children that fit into some of these definitions and I’ve never had training like this”

“All information was useful and tutor very knowledgeable”

“I found all the training very useful. Gave me lots of points to think about and things I can take forward and use”

In addition to the Learning Disability Awareness Presentation there are additional optional modules. One of these modules is Include ME – how to include people with a learning disability as volunteers within your organisation. This looks at how to adapt or carve roles, how to advertise to people with a learning disability, different induction and training techniques more suited to those with a learning disability and how to support your volunteers.

A module that goes hand in hand with the above is the All About ME module – an exploration of ways to share information and learn as much as possible about people you may work with or support in ways that does not break confidentiality or leave the individual out of discussions. This is a great module for looking at information sharing in ways that empower people.

“ALL of the training [has been useful] – but especially the approach of the students having their own say in what they themselves like or dislike and what they would like to happen in the future”

In addition there is the Talk To ME module – a beginners guide to using EasyRead and other accessible formats of information. This is a great way to learn how to ‘translate’ materials into an easy to understand format and to make application forms more accessible. By having accessible information you are not only increasing peoples independence and personal choice but you are also reaching other groups within the community such as people who do not have English as a first language.

“All parts were very informative and interesting. We will need to change our paperwork!”

“[It was useful to learn] how to make forms and information as accessible as possible and how inaccessible things currently are”

The best thing about the training is that it is currently free for any organisation in Merseyside!

If you would like to join the list of people who have already received the training, then please contact the Project Coordinator Hailey Wood on 07914 716 322 or


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