Family of Friends #LDWeek14

Family of Friends #LDWeek14!

Celebrating Learning Disability Week with the LEAF Project!

Monday 16th June saw the LEAF Project hold a celebratory event for National Learning Disability in Lion Court and what a celebration it was!

Lots of people supported by Mencap Liverpool and Alternative Futures Group came along to enjoy the activities and try something new to mark a great year for the LEAF Project and the empowerment of people with a learning disability.

We kicked the morning off with some chair based exercise. Healthiness Ltd. came along to show us how we could be active and healthy from the comfort of our chairs. We got our heart rates pumping and enjoyed the great music – did you know if you sing whilst you exercise you burn twice as many calories?! Well, we didn’t need telling twice, we sang along as loud as we could to the great music whilst working our legs, arms and waist. Summer bodies, here we come!!



Once our muscles were warm and worked, HappyTimes Activities came to treat out senses with their sensory hour. HappyTimes got us cheerful and upbeat with some gentle movement to some great songs. We even got to test out concentration passing balls around the circle to different tempos of music – James Bond was the slowest and most appreciated by us all! We also got the large octopuses out and made them move in really creative ways.

After all that excitement, HappyTimes got their sensory boxes and we got to enjoy different lights, sounds and textures. There were feathers, sparkling lights, glasses, balls of all different textures, jumping frogs and bubbles. One cool dude particularly liked the glasses…


After lunch and chance to look at the boards on display showing what the LEAF Project has been up to this year, there was arts and crafts to enjoy. As the nice weather has finally arrived and to try and mix in ‘LEAF’ with arts and crafts, the activity was to ‘Sow a Seed’. We all decorated our own plant pot and then got stuck in filling them with soil and seeds – let’s see what grows this summer!

Art Art2

To round off a great day, Smile Productions came for half an hour of relaxation. For those of us that wanted to, we got to lie on the floor and relax to sounds of waves and calm – a think a couple of us may have fell asleep for a minute or two! Everyone went away feeling calm and relaxed with their plants and cakes in tow

If you don’t believe us that it was a great day, here’s what Team Leader Grace had to say about the event…

“The day was a huge success. All of the people I support have said how much they enjoyed the day and will take advantage of the forthcoming events that are on offer. It was amazing to see how everyone was totally engaged and having fun. There were family members whom came to the day and the feed back from them was fantastic. They were thrilled on how their son embraced the day and how he engaged in all the activities – they where full of praise.”


Thank you to everyone that came along and celebrated the start of Learning Disability Week 2014 and The LEAF Project successes to date.

The LEAF Project can’t wait to see you all the next one!