Billy’s Story

Billy is a gentleman living in Liverpool, supported by AFG Liverpool. Billy has been part of the LEAF Project since August 2013 when his Team Leader put in a referral form on his behalf. 

Hailey went out to meet Billy and learnt all about him and thought he was a fantastic gentleman! Billy was bored of sitting in and watching TV all the time and wanted to have the opportunity to go out and do some volunteering. He told Hailey about his love for gardening and being active outdoors and his interests in demolition! Billy was ready for a new challenge and was looking forward to getting out and about in his community.

Hailey started researching volunteering opportunities near to Billy and found a gardening volunteer job at Everton Nature Garden.

Hailey and Billy went along together on his first day to see if he liked the place and he did! He loved the space and all the work that could be done in the gardens and all the exciting things he would get to have a go at. We enjoyed a cup of tea with the lead volunteer and decided together that Billy would be volunteering once a week from then on!

Straight away Billy was thrown into all the activities he loved!

Billy cutting back the overgrown hedges

Billy cutting back the overgrown hedges


Billy after a day of strimming! Can you tell?!

Billy after a day of strimming! Can you tell?!

Billy is still a regular volunteer at Everton Nature Garden and is now looking for even more volunteering!

In addition, through the LEAF Project, Billy joined Mencap Liverpool’s Gentleman’s Club and goes out once a fortnight with a group of gentlemen with learning disabilities to activities such as pool, bowling and going to the pub! Recently Billy has also joined a walking group and breakfast club! You could say that Billy doesn’t have as much time to sit around and watch TV these days!

Thank you to Billy for sharing his pictures and experiences